About Me

My vital statistics:

Name: Thomas S. McCabe (Tom)

Birthday: 6/21/1991 (age 20)

Current location: New Haven, Connecticut, USA, Earth

Religion: Largely atheist, with a few additional details

National origin: American (Caucasian)

Interests: Futurism, rationality, altruism, math, programming, computer science, history, economics, sociology, physics, biology, chemistry, and quite a few others

Goals: An end to hunger and poverty, a cure for all diseases, the elimination of nuclear weapons, and World Peace Through World Domination

Email addresses: pphysics141@gmail.com, thomas.mccabe@yale.edu,

Politics: Pro-rationality and anti-insanity, where “insanity” includes the war on drugs, life + 70 years copyright terms, the huge American military budget, the continued looting of the government by every interest group under the sun, the insanely complex tax code and legal code, and the Lovecraftian public/private hybrid abomination that our health-care system has become.


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